Even Kids Love #POTUS (well…at least the game)


What follows is a short interview with our youngest play tester – Maya Hirsch. Maya helped playtest Medieval and is also helping playtest #POTUS. Maya is an 11-year old who is the daughter of one of our HGN Games members. She just started 6th grade and loves to play board games…and is particularly ruthless against her Dad any chance she can get.

When was the first time you played #POTUS?

February 11, 2018. I remember the actual date because it was the day we saw Hamilton (the musical).


At GameOn in Issaquah.

How many times have you played #POTUS?


Which factions have you played as?

I’ve played twice as the Plutocrats and once as the Establishment.

What do you like about the game?

What do I like? Let’s see… I like that there are lots of different components and roles in the game. Each faction is different and they all kind of clash together. That makes it super fun. The cards are also pretty funny…especially some of the tweet cards. And they are actual tweets. Some of them even have typos!

What are some of your favorite moments playing the game?

When someone wants to win a tweet and then the next player plays a higher point value card…and they’re like “oh, dang it.” There’s always a chance to mess up people’s plans. I love doing that.

And one time, when we played with Mom, she was trying to figure out what to do and she kept wanting to start a deal [Mom was playing as the Plutocrats] and I kept blocking her.  She was getting so annoyed. That was just awesome.

What are some of your favorite games?

  • Harry Potter

  • Ticket to Ride

  • Medieval

  • Tokaido

Anything you want to tell HGN Games blog readers?

Please support #POTUS and back it on Kickstarter!  It’s a really fun game!

#POTUS, the newest game from HGN Games, launches on Kickstarter on September 26.

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