#POTUS: Squeeze For the Win


How do you go from “I don’t understand?!” to “That was great!” in one evening? You spend a turn like this…

The room was quiet and tense. We had just finished the juice round and the Plutocrats were in the lead for the Tweet by one point. It wasn’t an important Tweet, just two points, but everyone had a plan to execute in the squeeze round. Then it happened.

Plutocrats – “I squeeze to end the squeeze round.”

#Resistance – “Damnit!”

Establishment – “What?”

Nativists – “No!”

Not every turn was as stressful as this one, but at times the voting phase turned into silent concentration as plans were formed. #POTUS is a game of tense plotting punctuated by outbursts of relief or frustration as your carefully constructed house of cards stands or falls based on the unpredictable actions of your political rivals.

Winning that tweet did not win the game for the Plutocrats but did set them up for a showdown against the Nativists. It was ultimately foiled by a well-played Ace from the Establishment which canceled the Plutocrat’s final deal and allowed the Nativists to slip into first place for the win.

Introducing gamers to something you’ve been working on for months is always a challenge. You’ve play tested many variations and felt the ebb and flow of the design. How do you explain that in a few minutes, so they understand the compromises you’ve had to make to get to where you are? In the end, you cannot and must simply explain the current state of the game and hope they grasp the journey.

Learning new games always has a period of “I don’t understand” as new terminology and symbols are thrown at you. #POTUS is no different. Getting from that point of frustration to a point of executing a plan only takes a few minutes of explanation and by the end of the first turn of Tweets they’ve got it.

“That was really fun.” Is some of the highest praise you can receive as a game publisher. After a sometimes tense and sometimes hilarious battle for control of Trump’s Twitter feed everyone agreed that they were looking forward to playing again.

#POTUS, the newest game from HGN Games, launches on Kickstarter on September 26.

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#POTUSMichael Dahrea