A Message from The President…

Not POTUS, but POHGN Games...

POTUS - Battle Inside the Trump White House

With 6 to choose from, why did we choose #POTUS as our next release?

Following our successful Kickstarter of and reboot of Medieval, we were thrilled and flattered to be approached by numerous designers – both new and those that have had games published.  They wanted HGN to produce and Kickstart their game. In addition, we already had our eyes on a similar redo to a popular game and even a piece of gaming furniture!

So we had lots of great options and felt our second game launch was almost as important as our first – it would say a lot of what we see HGN Games offering to the gaming community. And we wanted it to embody our core values:


And finally, we didn’t want to get pegged as the ‘redo’ game company.  Yes, we have more in store, but we are not simply about fixing up old, sentimental favorites.

So, after literally doing a weighted ranking scale - and a LOT of discussion, our next game became very clear to us: Its going to be #POTUS.

It’s created by a proven, published designer in Thomas Prowell, is topical and current AND a heckuva lot of fun to play.  

While we were mildly concerned that it could get pegged as a left vs. right, Liberal vs Conservative or divisive, both players and reviewers quickly realize that it's about four factions battling for control of the President’s twitter feed – regardless of politics.

Thomas will soon share more here on his design thoughts and goals to give you background on what he has created.

- Jeff

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Very early prototype of the game.  I think it looks better than some published games!

Very early prototype of the game.  I think it looks better than some published games!

#POTUSJeff Newell