Wanna See Some More Game Art?


Welcome to 2018, the year you get Medieval.

With plenty of art getting finalized and making its way to the printer and then back to us in the form of proofs, we figured we'd share some more components with you.

One thing we were pretty adamant about when creating this edition of the game was to help people get up to speed quickly. Thing is, Medieval is great for game nights and conventions. And the thing is with game nights and conventions is that not everyone sitting down to play has played before.

Enter the Quick Reference Card ... 

Quick Reference Card, Front

Quick Reference Card, Front

Quick Reference Card, Back

Quick Reference Card, Back

In addition to containing some oft-used die roll charts, the front walks players through the power cards and answers important questions like "What does 'Civil War' do?" and the even more important question of "How the heck do I get rid of this 'Civil War' you hit me with?" Things like that. After years of playing Medieval, we wanted the card to tackle a lot of the questions we've typically heard from first-timers ... and second-timers too because we all play a lot of games. It's easy to forget stuff.

Next peek, we'll give you a look at the "Investments" cards, part of the optional rules you folks hit with the stretch goals. And yeah, we think they look pretty cool. We hope you do too. Keep an eye out for that next week.

In the meantime, know that production is clicking along and that we're combing through everything that's going into the box--and the box too. (Can't forget the box!) We'll keep keeping you posted both here on the box and through our Kickstarter updates.

And remember, you can still pick up a copy of Medieval via CrowdOx for the pre-order price of $65. But get cracking, the offer won't be availabe for much longer!

- Novice Peter


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