Medieval Investments for Fun and Profit (and Chaos)


Colluding with the Mongols? Now that's a traitor!

As promised, here's a closer look at the "Investment Cards" that you folks made possible through the stretch goals. As you'll remember, if you got the florins, we got the cards--which can give a variety of special bonuses that will spice up the game. They're completely optional, which means you'll probably want to use them. Because, gaming.

What's in the lot? Here's quick look:


Needless to say, we put these through the playtesting paces. We shared these comments in one of our Kickstarter updates, and they bear repeating here too. The big takeaway was this, people thought the investment cards were:

Fun, interesting, flavorful, and adding a new dimension to the game.

More interesting is how they played out in one of our own playtest sessions with a few old hands (and one newbie kiddo too) around the table.

... and [they] created a bit of personalized strategies. For example, Ralph, having bought the 'Ecclesiastical' investment that earns him more money on crusades, went on a crusade practically every chance he could. I had the 'Merchant' investment where I could collect income and perform one action in the same turn ... so my advancement was slower (only one attack per turn), but much more aggressive as I had a larger bankroll. Jeff was, in the end, rooting for the Mongols as he had the 'Traitor' investment. So, it definitely spiced up the game in a fun and interesting way.

In other news, we'll have a production update for you soon. Our production partner has been outstanding with their support, turnaround, shooting over prototypes, and more. Fingers crossed--we're stoked to share some good news on that front real soon.

Until then, #getMEDIEVAL!

- Novice Peter

MedievalPete Gade