Medieval Stretch Goals: Survey Says!

We asked, "Which stretch goals do you want the most?"

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Your stretch goal survey responses came through loud and clear. And thanks for your continued stoke about Medieval!

One of the best things about getting a new game is cracking it open for the first time. Right away, there's that new game smell. Then there's the stuff inside--the map, the pieces, the cards, and the stretch goals. We want to make sure we get all of that right, which is why we asked you which stretch goals you really wanted to see. 

Last week, we sent a survey to everyone who signed up for our mailing list (shameless plug: you can sign up for the mailing list on the Medieval game page). We lined up a bunch of possible stretch goals and asked you to vote on each. A few days after that, we opened up the survey to the public on the Medieval Facebook page (that's another shameless plug) and got a bunch more responses from there.

In true Feud fashion, let's put the top three answers on the board:

  1. Two-player version (the original version of the game was for 3 to 5 players)
  2. Custom wooden pieces that depict each faction
  3. Optional rules for investing in "boosts" for armies, navies, religions, and infrastructure

And let's give a super-strong honorable mention to solitaire rules. They got a lot of love.

So, just about any Kickstarter backer is going to think: will any of these impact the delivery of the game? We asked ourselves the same question. Pretty early on. As you can imagine, designing 2-player rules and for a game that was originally built for 3 to 5 players takes playtesting. (Look, another link!) And coming up with the right design for custom pieces takes thought and planning too.

So while stretch goals may seem like extras, we're not treating them that way. We got to work on them early in development because our aim is to give you a go-to option on game night, whether you opt to play with the stretch goals or not. So when we do roll them out, we hope you like what you see and feel confident that they're just as solid as the game.

Didn't take the survey? There's still time to chime in. Take it here!

So, what's up next? Keep your eyes peeled for card art ...



- Novice Peter

MedievalPete Gade