I see London, I see France ...

Medieval Art and Playtest Update

Our quill-nibs have been scratching away all summer. Medieval is getting closer and closer to Kickstarter.

Here's a zoomed-in, sneak peek view of part of the Medieval game map—which is just a sample of all the art Beth Sobel and our creative team have been putting together. What you don't see in this sneak peek is the entirety of the gameworld, or the nearly complete graphic layer that feathers in the names of the powers and other game icons. There's also a Medieval logo that all the cool kids will draw on the cover of their 6th period Bio-Sci notebooks.

What else is the team working on? They're putting together the art for the cards, around 100-ish of them. The cards represent events like crusades and assassinations, plus the major kingdoms, caliphates, and provinces across Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. And yeah, they include those sweet Mongol attack cards too.

Keep your eyes peeled for more previews. We'll be posting them here as the team knocks them out.

And we ain't kidding, sign up on our mailing list to get in on playtesting now. Developer Ralph Shelton (Infidel, Blood and Roses, Arquebus, and more) has the first draft of the rules and a VASSAL playtest kit are ready to go. We're putting out the call for playtesters soon.


- Novice Peter




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