Mongols and Medieval Endtimes

The Mongols are coming!

Mongols and Mamluks at The Battle of Wadi al-Khazandar in 1299

Mongols and Mamluks at The Battle of Wadi al-Khazandar in 1299

How do you end a game that's set in Medieval times?

With Mongols, naturally.

Our next string of blog posts will focus on how Medieval actually plays. And today, let's start with how it ends--the Mongols.

Medieval is a game of influence and domination. As the head of your cabal, you fight and connive for control of provinces across Europe, North Africa, and the Near East, which are represented by colored geographies on the tile map. Your turn consists of playing from your hand of action cards, collecting income, attacking opponents, and ushering in fun things like the plague, all so you can gain more provinces. Your provinces provide avenues for attack, a source of income, and points that ultimately win you the game.

Some provinces are richer than others. Some are more easily defended. Some are on the edge of the known world and, well, a little sketchy. And that's the thing. Provinces can and will "fall off the map."

Enter the Mongols.

As you play, the possibility of Mongol invasion always looms. Think of the Mongols as a non-player power that rampages across the known world. However, when you draw a Mongol card, you get to direct their attack on one of the easternmost province tiles. (We suggest you pick one that has plenty of provinces controlled by the player in the lead, because that person has it coming).

If your attack succeeds, the tile for that province is pulled. The Mongols control it and it's out of play for the rest of the game--which is too bad, too sad for any players who controlled anything on that tile.

The Medieval playtesters tackle the Mongol endgame mechanism--with IPAs.

The game ends after the 7th attack by the Mongols, which is a mechanic that one of our crack playtesting teams took on the other night. Take a gander at the video above. You'll see our Kinko's-friendly prototype not-even-close-to-final components ... and a quality six-pack.

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