Things get pretty Medieval after four beers ...

Beer. It's how a lot of stupid ideas get started. But trust us, this is an awesome stupid idea.

At least we hope you think so.

It's pretty simple. Like a lot of gamers, we have old chestnuts that we like to break out on the regular. What gets them off the shelf and onto the table? Could be nostalgia. Could be great gameplay. Could be a bit of both. In the case of Medieval, it's definitely "both" for us. 

As you probably read on the main page, we've been playing this for years. We've also foisted it on our friends at conventions and on game nights. Almost without fail, just as it is with any game that's an old favorite, someone says, "Wouldn't it be great if they remade this?"

Well, one day, "they" became "us." Here's one of our founders, Jeff Newell, on how Medieval got off the shelf, onto the table, and (soon) onto Kickstarter:

I kid you not, this was a beer-induced brain child of our monthly game night. 

I introduced Medieval to the guys in my neighborhood. They are all in their 40s, professional, and over the past five years--like a lot of people nowadays--have really gotten into great, immersive games.  An hour in, after shouting "I'M THE POPE" and battling over the Iberian Peninsula, they loved it. But having only seen games with amazing production values this past half-decade, they were in disbelief looking at the map cards, little counters, and paper coins. (It's my fault, i exposed them to too many great looking games.) 

Then, four beers in, I said - "I bet I can get the rights to this. Lets trick it out, tighten up the rules, add a few options, and Kickstarter it!" Everyone said "IN!" 

While we woke up with mild hangovers, we stuck with our commitment. Here we are eight weeks later with an incredible leadership/investment team, well known artist, leading marketer, and a developer with a great track record who also happens to love the game. 

But now that hard part begins. It's why we hope we get lots of support. 

So there's that. We're hoping old players are stoked and that new players will give the new Medieval a look--and that you'll all want to jump in for some playtesting (sign up on our mailing list to get your name in the mix for playtesting). Until then, drop by our Facebook page and see what else is cracking.



- Novice Peter


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