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Who the heck is HGN Games anyway?


Seriously, who are you people? 

Ya, that's a couple of us up there, playing the original version of Medieval back in the day*. We’ve played this with friends at game nights and conventions for years. And if you look at the comments about the original game when you poke around online, we agree with them—it’s a great game that deserves an update, and components that take advantage of today's standards.

That's why we started a company.

We acquired the rights to Medieval from original designer Richard Berg with the blessing of the original publisher, GMT Games, and brought in game developers and playtesters with credits at publishers like GMT Games, LocknLoad Publishing, and Compass Games. We also brought in game artists and component designers with credits that include Viticulture, Lanterns, and Hollow Cell. So while this is our first publication as a company, it’s not the first time we’ve worked together on a game.

And thank-you to our friends ...

We are grateful for all the support and sage advice we are getting from Academy Games, DVG Games, GMT Games, LocknLoad Publishing, and Mark Simonitch of Hannibal and Hamilcar fame. It’s great to have them rooting for us and this game.