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You Nailed it!

You and 979 other folks took Medieval from an idea to four times the funding goal and swept every single stretch goal into the box. Thank you all!

Miss out on the Kickstarter? No worries! You can still get a copy right here:


  People, it's time to get


What's Medieval?

                           A look at the  Medieval  game map, on a full 18" x 26" (approx.) hard-mounted board ...

                         A look at the Medieval game map, on a full 18" x 26" (approx.) hard-mounted board ...


Medieval is the game where you wage war, unleash the plague, excommunicate the unworthy, and drive back the Mongol hordes. You know, fun 13th Century stuff.

You are the head of a cabal—a manipulator of 13th Century kingdoms, religions, and empires for your own personal gain. Your aim: use warfare, economics, and intrigue to spread your shadow influence across Europe, North Africa, and the Near East by plying armies and navies, assassins and spies, caliphs and popes to do your bidding. Throw in a couple of plagues and claims of heresy, plus a Mongol invasion to end the game, and you got yourself an evening.

Hey, this sounds familiar ...

Well, you might be the kind of person who gets a rise any time your hear the word “medieval.” That's cool. We're not judgey. Or, you may remember the original game. First released by GMT Games and designer Richard Berg in 2003, the upcoming HGN edition of Medieval is a full-on graphic and component overhaul of the original, along with streamlined rules and new optional gameplay as part of our projected stretch goals.

Want more info?

Sure you do! Check out the Medieval game page.